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As usual, your work was characterized by top-notch quality. In every aspect of your work, there is a steadfast desire to do a good job. You display a remarkable meticulousness to detail because of your commitment to excellence.

Ross & Cecile. – Farlow Crescent

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Being in Real Estate affords me the opportunity to view many homes in various price ranges. In our opinion our cabinetry and your craftsmanship are at the top of the game.

Again, thank you very much Jason. We will not hesitate to recommend your services with confidence.

Kevin & Bonnie – Burlington

To say we are pleased with the installation of our kitchen cabinetry would be an understatement.  Jason’s workmanship was superb.  His attention to detail, quality finish, pleasant manor, and clean working habits all made for a very positive experience. Consider us an unconditional reference. Thanks again Jason.

Jim & Nadine – Mississauga

Jason installed our kitchen and laundry room cabinets. Our cabinets are very decorative with lots of details including crown moldings that have lots of corners, cuts and turns. Jason takes a great deal of pride in doing a good job. Before installing the cabinets, Jason was extremely careful to ensure that everything would end up perfectly. If there were decisions to be made, he always consulted with me, offered alternatives and provided me with sound recommendations and advice.

Anna D. – Mississauga

Jason is an amiable person and this is good because we had him in our home for several days and had to work through a few installation issues with him.  Jason did an extremely nice job of installing our cabinets and did not rush his way through the job or take shortcuts.  It appears to be against his nature to be satisfied with a mediocre job but wants everything to be right as the client will have to live with the installation job for quite some time.

Peter – Concord

We had the privilege of having Jason install our "Dream Kitchen".  Jason's attention to detail is phenomenal - even the granite installers commented that they usually have to shim the counter for levelness but not this time - everything was perfect! 

Gary & Melanie – Mississauga

We were absolutely delighted with our new kitchen installation. Jason is a perfectionist, which is apparent when you see the accuracy of his workmanship. The care and attention to the small details really made a huge difference to our installation. We would highly recommend Jason O’Grady to anybody who is thinking of renovating their kitchen or anything else for that matter.

Ken & Alison - Mississauga

We just wanted to let you know we are very happy with our new kitchen. One thing we learned was the quality of the installation is in the hands of the installer. You are a stickler for detail and everything must be done right. We enjoyed your company and sense of humor. If you ever need a reference to the quality of your work or want to show someone our kitchen, please give us a call.

Bill & Joyce - Mississauga

Our home has gone through many renovations this year and we've had many workers come and go through our doors.  No one came close to your work ethics.  We were very impressed with your attention to every small detail.  The pride you take in your work was as if you were in your own home.  We were also very appreciative of the way you left our home every evening - everything swept up and tools neatly put out of the way.

Julia & Dan – Mississauga

We did a kitchen renovation during the months of September/October of 2003, and  Jason did all of the installation involved in this renovation, including dismantling the existing

kitchen, plumbing, electrical wiring, drywalling, lighting and appliances.  From start to finish, Jason was the one who was working in my home day after day.

Jason's work is of the highest quality and he does his job diligently and with great care.  Also, he always left my home extremely neat at the end of each day, which means a lot when you're undergoing a major renovation.

Linda & Don – Mississauga

Jason is conscientious, punctual, tidy and an excellent listener. He tells you when he’ll be there to do the work and is always there right on time. His vast array of tools is neatly laid out on thick, clean drop pads, which he spreads out to protect all the surrounding surfaces. He explains every step he takes and why he takes it. He asks the questions, we the customers, don’t realize need to be asked and is receptive to the customers’ input. His attention to detail is wonderful.

Kathy & Gord – Oakville

Your craftsmanship, attention to detail and overcoming the different obstacles involved in our installation project was an intangible you cannot put a price upon. The advance notice the days and time when we could expect you to be working on the project was appreciated.

Barb & Bob – Milton

I would definitely have Jason back to do other jobs and have recommended him to other people. Jason’s work, integrity and people skills speak volumes. I'm sure you will be as pleased with him as we have been. Thank you Jason for making our home exactly what we had wished for.

Cheryl & Mark – Mississauga

We have always found Jason to be very professional, courteous, punctual, detail oriented, and very tidy. At the end of the day, Jason has always tidied up the materials, tools and vacuums the area.  He protects your existing flooring.

Judy & Dennis – Mississauga

I found Jason a joy to work with. He brings a level of professionalism to his work which is unsurpassed. I have not experienced a craftsman like Jason in a long time. He is conscientious, courteous and committed to doing the best possible job. Always on time and prepared, he is respectful of the environment he works in.

Ian & Sharon – Mississauga